Friday, May 7, 2010

Techno dance!

My programmer buddy who works at Electronic Arts was telling me how he doesn't feel creative directors provide projects with much value and, in fact, are a detriment because they drain the project's overall budget. I completely disagree. Did you ever see that Jet Li movie where he was in jail and during some of the fight scenes, they made a CGI "x-ray" view of the opponent's bones breaking? This is where a CD comes in.

When a movie --having nothing to do with computers, technology or electronic gadgets-- decides that they want fight-scenes to contain high-tech CGI animation and techno-rave styled music in the background, it rarely ever adds to the story. In fact, these things often feel so out-of-place, it makes the overall experience of the movie unpleasant. I can understand if these things were in a high-tech action flick, but not a drama!

Creative directors are the guys that meld these aspects together and ensures that the film has the appropriate eyecandy that coincides with the story. Now, if you're a creative director and are under the impression that rave music can work with *any* film, it's probably a good time to re-examine whether the audience will accept that vision.

Btw, might I add, Donnie Yen is the new Jet Li of North American-approved Asian martial arts films.

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